Good News for Children and Teenagers 

The believers at Antrim Gospel Hall have held a Sunday School open to all children of our town from the early years of the 20th century.

The Sunday School activity continues today and in an inclusive, non-dominational and non-discriminatory way welcomes all children to learn of the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ. For young children the Gospel message is simple and understandable, and for teenagers the message is made relevant to their experience.

As well as Sunday School there is a Children's Bible Club on Monday nights. In Sunday School the children are in small groups according to age, whereas in  Monday Nights the format is slightly different, the Children's Meeting is led from the front in one large group.

We welcome new children every week and can arrange transport if required. Please contact the team for more information or help:

 John Mitchell,  Phone or Text: 077 205 07 205
 Stephen Kennedy, Phone or Text: 078 0215 6769

Monday Night Bible Club:

  • Every Monday night 7:00-7:45pm, October to March, excluding Christmas holidays.
  • Chorus singing
  • Bible quiz
  • Scripture verse learning
  • Bible Story by specially invited children's speakers.
  • Annual Attendance Prize Giving and party!

Sunday School:

  • Every Sunday 2:30-3:30pm, except school holidays.
  • Open to all children from nursery sch0ol age to late teenage.
  • Small group classes for each age range
  • Weekly attendance and verse repetition prizes
  • 'Open' Sunday Schools, where special speakers are invited and parents welcome.
  • Annual Prize Giving (click here for details)
  • Annual Summer Outing

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