What is the Gospel ?

The word gospel means "Good News".

The Gospel is Good News from God.

This Good News was first preached by God the Son, Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago.

The disciples, empowered by the God the Holy Spirt, carried the Gospel message throughout the known world in the 1st Century AD.

God's Spirit inspired men to record the historical story of Gospel and its message in written form so it can be read today in the Holy Bible. 

Faithful Christians and churches have proclaimed the message through the centuries to the present day.

Many individuals in our 21st century world are hearing the Gospel message today and responsing positively to it.

Tell me the "Bad News" first...

We live in a broken, corrupt and troubled world.

As individuals we struggle to reach our own standards.

We fall far short of the standards of a holy God.

The Bible describes our core problem as  a sinful nature which is demonstrated in our thoughts, words and actions.

As  righteous, God cannot overlook our sins but must act justly in judgement.

God has deigned Hell and the Lake of Fire as an eternal judgement on sin.

What's the "Good News"?

In spite of our nature and sinfulness God loves us personally.

He showed that love in sending his Only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins.

Jesus Christ was the sinless Son of God. His Life on earth proved his perfect humanity and diety.

Christ came as a Saviour and exhausted God's judgement against sin by the sacrifice of himself and his death for our sins on the Cross.

God showed his satisfaction for the sacrifice of His Son in raising Him from the dead.

God freely gives forgiveness of sins to those you repent of their sins and trust Christ as personal Saviour.

The Bible uses other terms for the forgiveness of sins, for example: salvation, eternal life, everlasting life, redemption, being born again.

Those that are saved are assured of a place in heaven forever immediately on death.

What's the catch? Why doesn't everyone believe?

Perhaps this Good News seems too good to be true?

Yes, it is hard to believe how much God really loves us. His love isn't like any human love.

Because of the sin and hurt in our lives we often feel hopeless and find it hard to believe that anything good could happen to us.

We  fall into many temptations and are often enslaved to addictions, selfishness and hate, that we think we can never be good enough to be accepted by God.

Quite often actually we like our current lifestyle and don't want to change, no matter what God may offer.

With so many faiths, philosophies and worldviews some find it  difficult to believe the Gospel message of the Bible  is unique and true to the exclusion of others.

Its easy to have a self-rightous attitude especially when we compare ourselves with others, whom we deem worse than us. Using this logic we can almost convince ourselves that salvation is only for really bad people and I'm okay.

Often religous people can be be the most self-rightous and believe church attendance, observance and piety will gain them a place in heaven thinking that good deeds are weighed against bad.

What should I do now?

Are you are seriously concernly about your soul and its eternal destiny?

Is life  a struggle and you're overwhelmed or can't make sense of it?

Tried all life has to offer and still not satisfied?

Afraid to die?

We seek to address and answer these questions in our weekly Gospel meeting, each  Sunday Night @7pm.

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